A Wrestling Tumblr

Man, I’ve given Death Match wrestling so many chances. But the shit is just wack as fuck. Its one level above “Bum Fights”. The wrestlers don’t even seem happy to be doing their job. I fucking hate that this shit exists in modern wrestling and makes all the other stuff the “soft stuff”. Hardcore wrestling has no intelligence to it. The guys just get cheap pops hurting each other in more brutal, stupid ways. They can’t work a crowd at all. They appeal to the most basic, braindead, desensitized fans out there. They should just call it something else. Its all the lame shit that Paul Heyman feels bad having booked in ECW. For freaks who think the “Mass Transit Incident” was good for wrestling. Ugh.

Somehow the old backyard wrestling was better than this because they still had characters and humor and some kind of parody of sports. It was “Attitude” wrestling at its most pure. This new hardcore drivel is letting cavemen get high and having a fake fight, with no desire to do anything interesting or talented. Fuck this caca shit. Yo, if you like this stuff, I’m sorry to tell you it sucks camel jizz. I can’t condone this stuff.